Surf Lessons


get gnarly In the Surf

Ever wanted to experience that amazing feeling of riding a wave? Surfing is a new and growing sport all over the world, and is a great way to have fun in the surf. Our ACA certified instructor Dalton Rust provides surf lessons for surfers of beginner or intermediate skill levels. Whether you want to learn how to simply catch waves, or work on advance techniques while surfing, our goal is to help each student become a more experienced surfer and to teach surf etiquette in the lineup thus maximizing fun on the water!  

  • Private surf lessons can be scheduled according to your availability

  • Each lesson is 15 minutes of on-land instruction and 60-65 minutes of in-water instruction

  • Equipment provided

  • Each lesson can have 1-3 students (4 or more is considered a private group lesson)

  • All ages welcome!

  • Staggered Prices

    • $60 per student for 1

    • $50 per student for 2

    • $40 per student for 3

    • If you have a larger group, please give us a call so we can best accommodate you the best way possible.


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