A Week of Good

Day 2: Beach Head State of Mind

Not only is Beach Head a local company here in Ponte Vedra Beach, they are on a mission to spread positive thinking and support a number of charities including Rethreaded, Operation Restored Warrior and K9s for Warriors. Beach Head offers hats, tees, stickers and beach scented aromatherapy bracelets to help spread the Beach Head State of Mind!

The Beach Head Mission:

”We're Ponte Vedra Beach locals and have been Beach Heads all our lives.  We love the beach...everything about it! Just thinking about being there brings us a sense of peace and relaxation.  

We also love helping people find ways to gain and maintain a positive, healthy & productive lifestyle.  

Beach Head State of Mind brings those two loves together!  

We're on a mission to bring more awareness to the powerful impact our thoughts have on our lives and provide transforming ways to help people gain and maintain a positive State of Mind.  Our tagline is..If you can't head to the beach, let your head take you!  It's our way of saying when you need a break from the stress of everyday life, you're just one thought away!  

To further our mission,  we join forces with others who share our passion – to bring freedom to those struggling with negative mindsets or destructive lifestyles.  There are too many suffering in this world from mental and physical distress. We believe everyone can lead a positive, healthy and productive life. We know many need help to do so. That's why we donate regularly to organizations that share our passion. 

We are so excited to bring our vision to Beach Heads near and far and equally excited to grow this from the ground up in our hometown!

So look and feel good wearing our gear!  You're helping us promote a positive State of Mind.  

It is What You Think that matters most.”


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