2016 BOTE Boards

Once again the BOTE brand is pushing the limits with their innovative designs and features on their industry leading stand up paddleboards. Fishing, surfing, training, racing, or just a chill day out on the water with friends, BOTE is more than just a brand...it's a lifestyle.

One of our favorite new features for the 2016 line up is the Travelink system. Almost all of the SUPs are geared with latch points on the rail to add the Travelink Sling for easy hands free transport. After a long day of paddling a 20lb board can feel more like a 40lb board. Throwing on the sling not only helps get your board back up the beach, you can also store it by just hanging it on a hook in your garage!

The BOTE HD has continued to be one of our top selling stand up paddleboards. BOTE has redesigned the board for 2016 pulling the nose forward adding more buoyancy to the front of the board and channeled the front to make the board paddle straighter. It holds more weight, paddles better and is an all around better board.

We are also loving the Axoim this year. It's the perfect all-around paddle board for the paddler looking to get out on the water to SUP with their pup, practice some yoga or just go explore for the day. What makes this board even better is the price point. Starting at $1,199 this is the perfect entry level board.

Come by North Guana Outpost to check out the new line up!

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