Learn how to SUP

Here at NGO we offer lessons from ACA certified instructors who have a passion for paddle boarding. We provide specialized equipment for all lessons and show students the proper ways to use them. We have a variety of lessons that range from teaching introductory material to advanced SUP Surfing techniques! Our goal is to help build the paddling community in North Florida and create confident and safe paddlers.

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Intro to sup group lesson

Our Intro to SUP lesson is great for paddlers who want a quick and friendly experience to introduce them into the SUP world. These are regularly scheduled.

  • $35 Per Paddler

  • 70 Minutes

  • 4-6 Paddlers Per Lesson


private lesson

These are the choice for paddlers who want to hone in on their skills with one on one guidance. Private lessons with a group of 4 or more qualify for a discounted rate.

  • Staggered Prices

    • $70 Per Paddler for 1

    • $60 Per Paddler for 2

    • $50 Per Paddler for 3

  • $40 Per Paddler (4-6 Paddlers)

  • 90 Minutes


SUP Surf Lesson

Ever wanted to experience that amazing feeling of riding a wave? Our ACA certified instructor Dalton Rust provides SUP surf lessons for paddlers of all skill levels, whether you want to learn how to simply catch waves, or work on advance techniques while surfing.

  • $70 Per Paddler

  • Up to 2 Paddlers per lesson

  • 90 Minutes

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