Join us for a two day Trip Leader Seminar, the class is designed to prepare you to lead any group in the outdoors. Leading a group can be just paddling with a friend to being a professional wilderness guide. Learn how to plan trips locally, prepare a group of novices to paddle, several ways to rescue all types of kayaks & SUP’s, basic First Aid, on water safety, tide reading, understanding the weather, efficient paddling techniques and learn the language to teach others to paddle proficiently.

This course is intended to provide the minimum skills and training necessary for an adult leader possessing basic paddling skills to lead a trip for participants with beginner level paddling skills, in gentle conditions. The emphasis of this course is trip leading, safety

education and rescue, not paddling instruction. The content is relevant for clubs, camps, scouts, meet up group leaders and other entities providing trips.

American Canoe Association Trip Leader Assessment Certificate of Completion

Cost: $160 (ACA Members or with out ACA Certificate of Completion)

$200 (includes ACA membership and Certificate of Completion through the ACA)

Remote CPR and First Aid

A safety class designed for people that love outdoor adventuring in the Southeast. Learn what to do if something happens in a remote area where definitive care is not readily available. You will learn useful tools to recognize issues, what an outdoor first aid kit needs for your adventure, and how to use different materials when conventional first aid supplies are not available.

Kayaking 101

Join Rachel Austin -ACA Level 4 Kayak Instructor, Wilderness First Responder, and professional wilderness guide and interpreter for over 14 years 

In our 4 hour instructional course we cover types of kayaks, PFD’s and paddles, paddling strokes to be more efficient, local places to paddle, basics on trip planning, planning around the tide, what happens if you fall out of you kayak, and basic first aid.

Check out the Calendar for scheduled classes.

Private group classes are also available. Please call 904-373-0306 to schedule a class for your group.